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Hi there and welcome.

I’m Krissy Nicholson – a Qualified Humanitarian, Social Justice Coach, Facilitator and Speaker.  The short version is that I am passionate about collaborating with people to build full and meaningful lives that contribute to a fairer world.

With more than twelve years emergency response and development experience across Asia, Africa and the Pacific, I am now based in Melbourne and am excited to work with individuals, schools and organisations who are committed to social change.



The Long Version:

Whether it be groups, students or organisations, I am energised by the talented people that I work with – no matter what their background or experience.   I support and inspire my clients to uncover their own unique strengths for personal, professional and social transformation.

I believe that everyone has the power to be the best person they can be and make a difference in the world.

My belief in human potential has been solidified through working in some of the biggest emergencies the world has seen. I believe that everyone has the power to be the best person they can be, even in the face of adversity.  I became a  Social Justice Coach for this reason.  To work with people who want to make a difference – not only to themselves, but for others.

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I am a values led professional whose qualifications are many and varied.

I have more than 12 years experience as a humanitarian and development worker, published author, coach and group work facilitator. In addition to qualifications in Executive Coaching and Group Work Facilitation, I have a Masters of Public Health and a Bachelor of Social Sciences.  I subscribe to the International Coaching Federation Standards of Ethical Conduct: http://coachfederation.org/about/ethics.aspx?ItemNumber=854

I have over ten years of global experience in program management and organisational development. 

I have worked in long term development, emergency and post conflict settings across Africa, Asia and the Pacific with large international not for profit organisations such as Oxfam and Plan. I started my career in organisational development and moved into program management roles specialising in water, sanitation and hygiene with a focus on gender and rights based approaches.

I have had the privilege of developing, implementing and monitoring transformational programs as well as facilitating leadership and management initiatives globally. Whether it be as a coach, manager or technical advisor, I have facilitated teams on everything from strategic planning and program development to team building, coaching and learning events.

I have engaged with schools at different levels.

I love working with students and seeing that flicker of light when they realise that they can make a difference in the world.   I love seeing their confidence grow as they tap into their strengths and passions and have the autonomy  to decide the issue they want to work on.  Whether speaking at a school assembly or helping students create inspirational goals, I love the fact that students walk away feeling like “I can do it too”.

On a personal note I have worked hard to achieve my own dreams.

My life goals of finding my dream job as an Aid Worker, writing and publishing my memoir ‘Tsunami and the Single Girl,’ finding my ‘Mr Right’ and creating a beautiful family have all become a reality.  Not without the inevitable bumps along the way.

I am passionate about many things – from social justice and gender issues to enjoying champagne and chocolate with friends. I love adventure – whether it be taking my gorgeous little girls and Labrador on a trip to the beach to going on an overseas scuba diving holiday. I love the challenge of turning every experience into an exciting opportunity.

Please feel free to give me a call on 0426 239 552. I would love to work with you.