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Make your dreams reality AND change the world

Did you know that if you write down your goals, you are more likely to be successful?   Don’t just say them…write them down, plan for them and stay committed. Not only for yourself, but for the good of others. And now is the time. It’s a new year. Time to start afresh. To throw mediocre […]

Glass half empty in Addis

23rd October 2013 Last night I stepped around a severely disabled man who was lying in the middle of the pavement. I pretty much tried to close my eyes as I passed by.    His limbs were so disfigured and contorted, he lay on his back, looking up at me with pleading eyes.  He did not […]

Menstruation at the MCG

Yep – you heard right….I put two of what are probably the most opposite words in the same sentence.  The Melbourne Cricket Ground – being one of the most masculine institutions in Australia (maybe the world!), and Menstruation – probably the most feminine!     We made history today as I talked about a girls […]

My book launch!

Very exciting and surreal – better get this blog up and running!

True or False in Uganda…

True or False: If you have period pain, you should have sex with a man and it will go away? True or False: If you have your period, you should not walk over a garden or it will ruin the crops? Sitting in the dilapidated church, a poster of Jesus Christ sits next to a […]

The Power of a Piece of Paper

It’s hard to imagine that scraps of scribbled-on paper taped on the wall, are the start of a process to improve the health and well being of communities in the Mulanji district in southern Malawi. The goal scribbled at the top reads: ‘to improve the sanitation and hygiene practices of 500,000 people in Mulanji District’. […]

A deer in headlights, first day at Plan!

Like a deer in headlights.  That’s how I felt in the first month of my new job at Plan; my eyes wide open from information overload. Despite having worked in the sector for ten years, the new faces, programs and acronyms had my head spinning. You would think that my experience in places like the […]