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Ever wondered what it is like to work in a disaster zone? Krissy Nicholson speaks passionately about her experience as an aid worker in some of the biggest disasters the world has seen. Witnessing extreme poverty and working in large scale emergencies, she has seen people rebuild their lives after they have lost everything. She has worked with communities that have survived Tsunami’s and Earthquakes, cholera outbreaks and violent conflicts. Privileged to observe changes they have made. For themselves, their families, their communities and beyond. She talks of the inspiration she gains from the power of the human spirit that has solidified her belief in everyone’s power to make a difference.

A versatile speaker, Krissy can connect with adults and children alike.  Energising groups to feel that they have the power to influence change in their own lives, and the lives of others.

Krissy offers talks and workshops on a diverse range of topics including: Making a Difference: a how to guide, gender issues globally, emergency response work, human rights and social justice. Her debut book, Tsunami and the Single Girl was a part of the 2013 ‘Get Reading, 50 Books You Can’t Put Down Campaign’.  Krissy is currently working on her new book – “Inspiring Change – a practical guide for social change”

  • The life and love of an Aid Worker
  • Making a Difference: a how to guide
  • When disaster strikes
  • Don’t eat your own shit: The water and sanitation crisis
  • Girls Talk: The challenges girls face globally and how you can make a difference
  • Inspired, Ready, Action
  • Inspiration for personal, professional and social change
  • Bringing meaning to your life and creating a fairer world
  • Living a full and meaningful life

“Thought provoking, Passionate and Inspirational” Gai Thomas, Sandy Bay Probus Club