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A social justice program for schools

The Global Local Project

“Somewhere in all of us is the power to change the world” – Roald Dahl

The Global Local Project is an innovative social justice program that creates leaders, change makers and young women and men who will influence positive changes in the world.

Using highly participatory and student led methodologies, the program empowers students to take action about issues they are passionate about. Students will explore the difference they can make in the world by connecting deeply with their core values, skills and strengths. And more importantly, learning how to feel them, live them and put them into action.

The Global Local Project creates a creative platform for students to:
  • live life with greater purpose
  • tap into core values, strengths and talents
  • plan and achieve an inspiring social justice goal
  • contribute to a fairer world
The Process will:
  • create a heightened awareness of important world issues
  • improve confidence and wellbeing
  • encourage greater self awareness
  • develop team work and leadership skills
Putting your school on the map as a social change leader
Empowering students to make a difference
Bringing your social justice program to new heights

“I absolutely LOVED the experience! The guidance and encouragement provided, helped me realise there’s nothing holding me back from making a positive impact, and that it’s actually not as daunting or impossible as it seems.” – Student


Inspirational Speech

 INSPIRATIONAL SPEECH (Key notes, assembly, class room)


Krissy engages and motivates as she speaks passionately about her experiences as an Aid Worker.  She draws poignant lessons from her work across the world in Tsunami’s, Earthquakes and post conflict settings.  She inspires audiences by highlighting the power of the human spirit, and how each and everyone of us can contribute to positive change.

A range of topics include:
  • The life of an Aid Worker
  • Making a Difference: a how to guide
  • Don’t eat your own poo: The water and sanitation crisis
  • Girls Talk: The challenges girls face globally
  • Living a full and meaningful life




Participatory workshops that inspire and motivate students to create a powerful vision and goals on a social issue they are passionate about.

It includes:
  • Inspirational Talk
  • Q & A
  • Vision and Planning Workshop


 GLOBAL LOCAL INTENSIVE (6-10 month program)


This gold standard intensive coaching program provides an in depth opportunity for students to be supported through out a whole action learning program that leads to clear social change outcomes.

It includes:
  • Inspirational Talk and Q & A
  • Vision and Planning Workshops
  • On going Group Inspirational Coaching sessions
  • Evaluation and Celebration Workshop
  • Online support



The Global Local Project programs can be tailored to specific requirements of the school.

This could include:
  • Learning and reflection workshops on community service activities
  • Workshops linking curriculum with inspiring change activities
  • Professional Development Curriculum Days for Teachers
  • Mini workshops around a particular topic eg. water and sanitation, gender, education.