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Schools – The Global Local Project

“Krissy is very easy to work with. She designed a program which was specific to the needs of our student cohort and delivered it with a warmth and professionalism that our students appreciated. Having had her own personal experience in the field, Krissy was immediately accepted by the girls as an expert who understands the complex nature of poverty and lack of access to resources. When faced with the completely enormous global issues of poverty and resource inequality, the main question on the girls’ minds has always been, “But, what can I do to help?” Krissy guided the girls through their own understanding of social justice and helped them to see where they could begin to make a difference in their own small (or hopefully big) way. This was done in a series of engaging workshops that allowed for students to wrestle with complex issues, firstly from a global perspective and then eventually scaffolding them  and helping them to find their own solutions. We have already booked Krissy for a similar seminar in 2017 and would recommend that other schools do so too before she is booked out!”

Jacqui Cusack, Social Justice Lead and Teacher

Firbank Grammar


And from the students…..

“Everyone can make a difference, even students like us.”

“I absolutely LOVED the experience!  The guidance and encouragement provided, helped me realise there’s nothing holding me back from making a positive impact, and that it’s actually not as daunting or impossible as it seems.”

“I loved how it took our individual interests and strengths into account while we were considering what issues we wanted to change and how we would do it.  It really inspired me to focus on what I believed in and wanted to see the world.”

“I liked hearing about Krissy’s experiences as an aid worker overseas!  she was very passionate and this really shined through and was engaging.  Another thing I liked was the many different activities we did and the mix of group and individual work.  it was a good change from the usual programs we do at school!”

“Setting goals and action plans can help make your dream achievable.  I feel uplifted, inspired, confident.  Everyone can affect change.”

“I’ve learnt so much about how to help the less fortunate people in society.  Ive realised there is so much we can do to make this world a better place and am overjoyed that we are helping to work towards that”



Organisation Services

‘Krissy Nicholson is a vibrant and knowledgeable facilitator, bringing to bear practical experience with sound methodological expertise. Krissy assisted the Programs Department at Plan international Australia to implement a significant change management process in 2014, as well as annual reflection and learning events and processes. I can readily endorse Krissy for organisational change and process facilitation’

Dave Husy – Director Programs

Plan International Australia

‘Krissy has a wealth of experience in the humanitarian and development sector, having worked in Africa and Asia for several years as well as within headquarters offices. She has an extensive understanding of hr, management and pubilc health issues in complex environments. We worked closely together following the Tsunami and she demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and a real ability to coach and work with people at all levels and from all backgrounds.

Justine Tordoff – Former HR Manager

Oxfam GB

‘Krissy facilitated our 2016 Strategic Planning Workshop, making an amazing contribution to the day with her expertise, experience and clarity. Krissy puts in a huge effort, not just on the day, but also in her preparation. We achieved so much from the workshop and now have a really clear, well thought out roadmap to guide our activities this year. I highly recommend Krissy to anyone looking for a facilitator who can guide, motivate and coax a team to give their best.’

Martin Wurt – MTAG Secretary
The Maribyrnong Truck Action Group, Feb 2016

“I have never felt such clarity and direction. I was feeling obligated but now I feel inspired’

Samantha McArthur – President
The Maribyrnong Truck Action Group, Feb 2016

“Krissy is one of the most skilled participatory trainers I have ever worked with. She has loads of confidence in front of an audience, and a strong ability to motivate groups, explain new concepts and tasks clearly, and draw out the best from participants. She asks good questions, thinks quickly on her feet, and has a great talent for helping participants move beyond superficial brainstorming to a deeper analysis, and the skills for summarizing issues effectively. She has a warm, dynamic style of facilitation and a real gift for creating energy in a learning session while at the same time making things fun and productive. She builds a strong team spirit – one in which people have a real sense of ownership – and people love to work with her.

I strongly recommend Krissy for any position as a consultant in training, facilitation, use of PRA techniques, gender strategies, and Community Led Total Sanitation development.”

Ross Kidd – Training Consultant
Co-Facilitated Regional WASH Learning Conference, Fiji, 2015

Plan_Australia_John Kelleher (Pakistan & Vietnam)Plan Australia’s DFAT Funded Water Sanitation and Hygiene program: Planning and Review Workshops:

“Inception/Planning Workshop: Krissy did an excellent job to develop and deliver a workshop that balanced the need for specific outcomes and agreements with space for reflection and cross-country learning, took into account a considerable breadth of cross-cultural and learning style differences, and was also engaging and enjoyable.

Review Workshop: Krissy led the process to draw up a balanced program for this 2-day meeting that catered for the need both to provide space for country office staff to share initial achievements and challenges in their projects and also to make concrete plans for the next phase of implementation and reporting. Feedback from participants in the end of meeting evaluation was overwhelmingly positive which speaks volumes for the professionalism with which Krissy designed and managed the workshop”

John Kelleher – Senior WASH Programs Manager

Plan International

Speaking Engagements

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Krissy in the aid sector and seeing her deliver several engaging speeches on the topic of education and gender equality. Whether she’s interacting one-on-one or with a large crowd, Krissy exudes warmth, confidence and authenticity. She has a talent for breaking down complex ideas and topics in a way that’s both entertaining and easy to understand, and through funny anecdotes and poignant storytelling she’s great at connecting with an audience and helping them feel the same passion that she brings to life and her work. I highly recommend Krissy for any kind of speaking engagement.’

Charlotte Strong – Communications Manager

Plan International

‘Krissy Nicholson spoke at St Kilda Library last night (15th May). From 20 attendees, the feedback earned an average of 9.8 out of 10! What a great opportunity to hear about aid work, first hand. Krissy’s authenticity, kindness and generosity were outstanding.’

V. Marjono
Port Phillip Library Services, May 2014

“Thought provoking, Passionate and Inspirational” Gai Thomas, Sandy Bay Probus Club


“Hi Krissy, Firstly I wanted to say thank you for the coaching session. I was nervous and you made me feel very relaxed and I felt very energized and focused when I left! I loved cards at the beginning, using visual aids was nice and it allowed me to really explore how I was feeling in a different context.

By the end it was amazing, to see my goals on paper – it was very inspiring. I did make a job decision and I’m very happy so thank you, what I learnt in that session helped with that decision and on future goals.

I would definitely recommend your services and will do.”

Nicky Petch Baker – Environmental Scientist

“I commonly seek Krissy out for her coaching and mentoring guidance. Her advice is often so salient that I frequently find myself asking “Now what would Krissy do in this situation?”.  As a young development professional myself, what I most appreciate about Krissy is her ability to help you find the solution without giving you the answer directly. She is also just a warm, positive spirit to be around.”

Dani Robertson – Grants Manager
Plan International Australia

“Krissy is an engaging and energetic coach and facilitator who took us on a journey to inspire change through our life puzzle.  The Inspire change workshop certainly achieved its objectives and inspired us to make change”

Shu Hui Yap – Human Resources Coordinator

Red R Australia