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Tsunami and the Single Girl is my first book.  It is about my journey to become an Aid Worker and my search for Mr Right.  I write about my experience of the serious side of emergency response, poverty and gender issues around the world, and juxtapose this with the expatriate lifestyle and the comedy of errors of Mr Wrongs along the way.  It is a ‘Romantic Comedy with a Social Conscience’

I wrote Tsunami and the Single Girl because I wanted to raise awareness about important global issues in an accessible, light way.  To be able to reach people who would not usually pick up a book about poverty and disaster. I hope by reading my own stories, as an every day, single Australian girl, people will be able to understand really important yet complex issues.

Here is a little more about it:

Krissy Nicholson’s life as an international Aid Worker and her (seemingly) never-ending search for Mr Right in some of the world’s most dangerous disaster zones.

Set in humanitarian disaster zones around the world, Tsunami and the Single Girl is the story of Krissy Nicholson’s journey to become an aid worker and her (seemingly) never-ending search to find a soul mate.

As a free-spirited traveler, Krissy–now almost thirty–needs her life to start taking shape. So how does a wild night on a dance floor in Vietnam land her a sought-after role in Oxfam working in emergency relief? And how does the excess of the expatriate scene, a string of Mr Wrongs and failed romances lead to self-discovery and ultimately self-fulfillment?

Against the backdrop of adrenaline-fuelled disaster response, Krissy begins to understand the power of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Whether co-ordinating emergency relief work in-the-field, or trying to find love in all the wrong places, Krissy takes us on a heartfelt and surprising adventure.